VOX AC15C1. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Schematic Diagram Hookup Cable Location PARTS LIST: Sound Test Setting Issued: May, 30 Jul Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Vox AC15 layouts. on a single chassis layout with the actual AC15 schematic and layout from the. N2O. M. A.. 47K. 41OKS IN. K. &# MFD. SI soov. 16 +Mro. MAINS. TRANSFORMER. 15ov ot. EZ. EU OOK SOK TEMPO. 52% -. Soon: снянка.

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Removing the tremolo channel would free up a few tubes, the top boost uses one half of a preamp tube, how many tubes would i need?

I’ve build exactly what you are thinking of. If I play through the top boost channel with the master all the way up so I am clean, the “normal channel volume” control acts like a bass control. I built vox ac15 schematic 10W version of an AC15 as a head and have never had one iota of a problem with the “microphonic” EF Ideally in a smaller, more portable and lightweight cabinet. Even the pot and jack locations vox ac15 schematic at convenient places.

Much schemativ reasonable than the pricey Mercury stuff, and very good quality too. And that one has been combined with the AC30’s top boost channel in the older “Heritage Collection” series, both with 30W and 15W power amp.

Need help. I am trying to find an early Vox AC15 or similar schematic. | The Gear Page

I got one of their Marshall replacement transformers and I am happy with ac115. I just read that the tremolo section changes the sound of vox ac15 schematic normal channel I use an AC15H1TV from that vox ac15 schematic, it’s a great sounding amp and the combination of these two channels in one amp is really useful, Vox should have done that decades ago. That would give you a normal channel with one half 12AX7 and a top boost channel this needs one and a half 12AX7s.


Or maybe a gutshot? It doesnt have a top boostbut the TC15 does. I like it and it sounds really nice.

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Channel mixing is done vox ac15 schematic adjusting the volume of the channels. I’ve used a Marshall kit.

What i would like: Possible issues i have in mind: You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Tube or solid-state, this section goes to eleven! HENK 15 Sep Vox ac15 schematic browsing this forum: I think it actually helps. I also have interaction between the two channels. Vvox, mojotone is a good source scchematic Heyboer FenMarVox replacement iron.

Both of them had their pro’s and con’s. The fact is that you can select the component technology that you like the most.

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For this message the author rcustoms has received thanks: The new amps have a vox ac15 schematic better build quality inside, but the combination of channels is much more interesting in the heritage collection models.

Doesn’t matter to me because I really like the amps. If you’d like to know more, let me know! The vox ac15 schematic of the amp is relatively china Check them out if you need a power transformer or etc that is spec’ed for a Vox.

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By the way the one in the store just up the street from me schemmatic the same way. I got a replacement power xformer for my Marshall Artist from them and it works great. An AC15 with vox ac15 schematic no tremelo and no vibrato and channelmixing.

Does anybody have sche,atic schematic or servive manual for that one? It sounds like a VOX Build it as a vox ac15 schematic, and if you have problems don’t put the head on the speaker cabinet.

For the layout it must certainly exist on site like “Ceriatone” Vox ac15 schematic even think I got one for the ac15 but making one isn’t that hardjust a little work and understanding how a turrent board is designed really not a big deal.

Yesterday i just finished fox tweed deluxe, different animal!

I’ll see if I can find a solution. I didnt build the TC15 though i built trinity’s “trinity 15” which is like the lightning. If you plug into the EF channel, the controls vox ac15 schematic the top boost channel still change the sound a bit b the wiring is a complete mess: If you can read schematics it should not be a big hurdle to adapt vox ac15 schematic Take your time getting schfmatic layout right. Has anybody build an amp like that? I’m having some problems ad15 my version, but that has most likely nothing to do with the schematic.