11 Apr A revised and expanded edition of U.G. Krishnamurti’s The Courage to Stand Alone. Transcribed and edited from the famous “Give Up” tapes. COURAGE TO STAND ALONE: Conversations with the Man Called U.G.. Transcribed and edited by: Ellen Chrystal from the original audio tapes produced by. 24 Aug The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September Transcribed and Edited by. Ellen Chrystal.

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What I am saying is that the hunger has got to burn itself up. So, for a day or two you will feel the hunger tantrums, at the same time that you usually eat, but the body is not really concerned apone you feed it or not.

She runs to him. That’s all that I am saying. All that is bullshit anyway. Thus, this book and others have been reprinted in India, and other countries, and translated into many languages — all freely and without copyright. It is just not possible.

You see, it is not possible for you to watch your thoughts, it is not possible for you to watch every step you take. But it hits at random. Whenever there is a need for thought, it is always there to act. As it is imposed on us by our culture for purposes of intelligent and sane functioning in this world, and yet, realizing that it has no other value than its functional value.

In kishnamurti the same krjshnamurti, when you want to know something about thought, or experience thought, it is the same process that is in operation there.

As I was saying, there is no such thing as a negative approach at all. So, you are what you are. These two are always in conflict. Aerob rated it really liked it Feb 13, He also grows on one. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. You are chasing something that does not exist at all. Otherwise you can’t look at thought. You become conscious only through the help of thought.


The Courage to Stand Alone

She insists he is teaching her via parable, paradox. He speaks of it obscurely. There were about hours of unedited tapes. You will never ask for the end of you as you akone yourself, as you experience yourself. That is my question. When the memory cells are activated, all the knowledge you have about that object comes into cooperation. I had no frame of reference for this guy. They don’t know a damn thing! The sensory perceptions function from moment to moment. Alex rated it it was amazing Sep 29, So, if the center is absent, there is no circumference at all.

It is only when you invest a thought with motion, you try to capture the movement; but actually thought can never capture any movement that is there around you. When you reduce it to that you feel sfand absurdity of talking about the self — the lower self, the higher self and self knowing, self-knowledge, knowing from moment to moment is absolute rubbish, balderdash! Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. He also used ‘thought sphere’ atmosphere of thoughts synonymously with the term ‘world mind’.

You believe in something, you accept it as an act of faith, and that’s the end of it.

At the same time, you forget that everything you have around you is the creation of thought. When we are speaking about reality, we can only speak of our knowledge about it and call krushnamurti knowledge reality.

Nov 06, Sunny Kumar rated it it was amazing. The ultimate reality that man has invented has absolutely no alohe whatsoever with the reality of this world. There are so many things happening in nature which cannot be attributed to any particular cause. That is really the crux of the problem.


Courage to Stand Alone

And that present moment is something which cannot be captured by you, cannot be experienced by you. It may not reconstitute again and create the same body, which you think is yours, but when it breaks itself into its constituent elements, it provides the basis for the continuity of life.

There is no such thing as unconsciousness. So the understanding is the absence of the demand for understanding — now or tomorrow. Published first published I don’t know if I make myself clear. But, you see, you will not be concerned with that. To talk of living from moment to moment, by creating a thought induced state of mind, has no meaning to me except in terms krishnmurti the physical functioning of the body.

A nightmare for spiritual elitists. It is the most difficult thing to be an ordinary person.

You are interested only in solutions, and those solutions have not solved your problems. If you were lucky enough that would have happened and the whole thing would have fallen into its natural rhythm which is discontinuous and disconnected. You see, wanting implies that you are going to set your thinking in motion aloe achieve your goal. And he can get quite “out there,” improvising freely, then coming back to the root — returning you gently or not to stadn.