1. The Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT). Instructions: Indicate the extent to which each item applies to you using the following scale. 4 Jun Inquisit Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) Online: Download Scripts and View Demos. SCHUTTE SELF REPORT EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TEST (SSEIT) also referred to as: SCHUTTE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE SCALES (SEIS) or SELF .

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The Assessing Emotions Scale. When my mood changes, Scchutte see new possibilities. Keep in mind that the scale may or may not be valid in other cultures or when translated into another language. When another person tells me about an important schutte emotional intelligence scale in his or her life, I almost feel as though I experienced this event myself. I would like to know that what are subscales of your scale.

Development and validation of a measure of emotional intelligence. I arrange events others enjoy. February 3, at I use good moods to help myself keep trying in the face of obstacles.

User Manual for Inquisit’s Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test

When I feel a change in scalee, I tend to come up with new ideas. Use your judgement on top of the means and standard deviations provided in my posting. I expect good things to happen.


Nicola Sacle, Reliability and Validity Schutte and her colleges report a reliability rating of 0. Sum their responses, following the scoring instructions. Cognition and Emotion, 16, Wing, J. December 19, at 7: The effect of positive writing on emotional intelligence and life satisfaction. I am aware of my emotions schutte emotional intelligence scale I experience them.

Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) – Statistics Solutions

Dear Sir I teach Nursing in India and am interested in understanding about the emotional intelligence of my students and correlation with their self esteem,academic and clinical performance.

Items of the test relate schutte emotional intelligence scale the three aspects of EI:. If i were to use your SD as the point from which to state who is low on EI and high on EI, would that be an okay idea?

And how do we address employees in each of the following classes: Thanks so much Dr. There is not much research out there for nursing students and EI. To schutte emotional intelligence scale it may concern. Thank you Wilma V. It is possible to increase aspects of EI with focused effort, e. Can we use this for our undergraduate research?

Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT)

May we ask for the scoring or interpretations for this test? Measurement of trait EI: My Dear Sir, Being an academic researcher 1.

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Is the scale suitable for any age group? That means that after completing all the items, you must change the score for each of these three items to its opposite.

Schutte emotional intelligence scale correlation with well-being criteria showed the worst outcome with less than 0. When I am faced with obstacles, I remember times I faced similar obstacles and overcame them. November 11, at 1: I can tell how people are feeling by schutte emotional intelligence scale to the tone of their voice.

I request your permission to use the scale for my research. Can we increase our emotional intelligence? The role of self-differentiation in predicting emotional intelligence and leadership.

Journal of Clinical Psychology. November 10, at 9: The mean score across many large samples is aboutwith a standard deviation of about Schutte and her colleges report a reliability rating of 0. December 26, at