Riders [Jilly Cooper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This steamy book blows the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the. 7 Mar Fetlocks and fornication, Jilly Cooper’s novel Riders stole the hearts of a nation. Thirty years on it’s still a staple read in the lives of many. Drama . As rivals in love and sport, the stage is set for what becomes a compulsive blend of sex, romance, and adventure. Jilly Cooper’s Riders See more».

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Nor how canny Cooper was in choosing the high-octane world of show-jumping as a backdrop.

riders by jilly cooper The women are only admirable if they are thin, have a decent riders by jilly cooper desire and are willing to go to bed with the star Rupert. The novel builds up to the LA Olympics, and then everything sorta-kinda works out for the best for everyone. Rider’s captures all the exciting ingredients of that world, showing people living their lives to the full, in order to reap big rewards.

First it’s this person, next sentence it’s the other one.

Cooper jumps from one scene to another without even having a paragraph between them. I was looking for a change jillj my usual thrillers ridrs historical fiction, so I was delighted. I wanted to throttle them all. I’ve riders by jilly cooper it numerous rideds, always in the summer, and it still feels exciting, fresh, funny and pacey.

Riders is just simply a glorious romp set around show jumping, with some perfect characters Rupert Campbell-Black, now a fictional icon, is still JUST as brilliant no matter how many times you “meet” himthis book is funny, sexy, exciting and SUCH a marvellous reading experience that I’m sure that before I’m done with life I shall have read it a few more times.

As Jake acquires horses cheap and brings them on he begins to come up against Rupert on the circuit, before being struck by disaster when his favorite horse and great hope riders by jilly cooper the Olympics dies.


Riders Book Summary and Study Guide

Set against the riders by jilly cooper Cotswold countryside and the playgrounds of the world, Jilly Cooper’s Rutshire Chronicles offer an intoxicating blend of skulduggery, swooning romance, sexual adventure and hilarious high jinks.

Coopet bought this book because my friend, Brenda, always passes on her romance novels to me. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. And they make you want to be able to write something that is as entertaining and engaging.

Jilly Cooper: Rivals and Riders, Ebook Bundle by Jilly Cooper

I purchased the book, bravely but in shame, unable to meet the eyes of the sales clerk behind the register. And that’s one of the many things I love about libraries—it’s all there, freely available, without judgment or eyebrow-raising. View all 6 comments. I especially enjoy the fact that the horses and dogs are as big characters as the people themselves – in this book Sailor, Macauley, Revenge, Desdemona, Riders by jilly cooper include some of those animals who simply leap from riders by jilly cooper page.

Billy – sigh and well Dino – he was it for me. We see the highs and lows of life in the equestrian world, but who will eventually come out on top riders by jilly cooper the final showdown at the Los Angeles Olympicsand will success ultimately lead to disaster for Jake? Meeting his beautiful wife, Helen Macaulay, does little to curb his promiscuity and he eventually falls back into a life of parties, alcohol, and casual sex.

Jilly Cooper: Rivals and Riders

She’d bought it while traveling in England and made me swear I would give it riders by jilly cooper, as she wasn’t sure she could easily get another copy stat I’m pretty sure the blurb on the cover of my copy read “Sex and horses–it just doesn’t get any better” or something like that, and I suppose that’s bu the best nilly.

I was a twenty-something then, expecting my first child, in between jobs and keeping my brain alive by studying for a late university degree. Along the way, Cooper gives us a peek into the lives of this close-knit community of tops riders, their horses, grooms and families.

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You’ll get into Jake’s story coper a couple of chapters, and then you get to see what Rupert and Billy are up to, riders by jilly cooper Helen and Fenn.

Jilly Cooper’s Riders: why the toned-down cover? | Books | The Guardian

Pro tip from someone who knows: But it was Riders in that slipped its halter and galloped away from the previous Cooper works. The plot, however, is always so serpentine If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful riders by jilly cooper, you can’t riders by jilly cooper better than Jilly Cooper.

I love the doorstop bulk of them, where you can really become invested in the characters and the story. He knew it was wrong, but did it anyway I think the only characters I liked were Dino and Fen.

They get married, and receive an inheritance from Tory’s grandmother to get them started in a small yard of their own, cpoper he cares for the horses with old gypsy knowledge and Tory selflessly looks after him. Characters roders into bed with little pretense and marry after just a few dates. Meanwhile, Rupert is riders by jilly cooper living the jet-set lifestyle with best friend Billy Lloyd-Foxe, plus a string of beautiful women, horses and dogs.

Best known for her Rutshire Chronicles, which begins with Riders, Cooper has thrilled readers for decades. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.