hey all – just got in my new Puxing PX-2R sans english manual.. anyone have a pdf version handy? thanks!. Puxing PX-2R Manual by SouthwestPinzgauerAssociation. 28 photos. 4 Sep I have one of theses radios no box or manual anyone know of a quick . I’ve disassembled the PX-2R and put up instructions with photos and.

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This was a bit of a pig in a poke for me, I have been looking at them on Ebay and I finally pulled the trigger. It feels sturdy and the recieve audio sounds clear and I get good reports on transmit audio.

This radio exceeds my expectations and is a tremendous value for both puxing px 2r manual and quality. I haven’t experimented to see if it supports crossband operation.

Well built, easy to program, and the fact that it uses a pucing cell phone battery that Puxing px 2r manual can buy off the shelf almost anywhere is a plus. Power seems good, Pusing in all, I love this mznual rig!! For the price, it’s puxing px 2r manual good radio. As I live in Kansas, Maanual have zero problems puxing px 2r manual the “local” 70cm repeater, even though it’s over 10 miles away! It has enough power to hit pjxing local repeater and it can even get into a repeater about 22 miles away with a good antenna.

There is an English pd switch in the menu across the top of the page. Your msnual bet is to order a serial cable with a DB-9 connector and get a USB-Serial dongle puxing px 2r manual a genuine Prolific chip to program the radio. If Puxing were to come out with a 2M version I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.


PUXING PX-2R – Page 6 – Transmission1

Outstanding design, incredible sound and combining the info from the manual english and the topics from here, I managed to find all the settings – or almost. I puxing px 2r manual much echo everything said so far. I don’t know if it’s made by Puxing, or if it’s any good, but it appears the same. Well built, good receive with good sound quality.

PUXING PX-2R VHF Plus (VHF TX/RX) (UHF RX Only) Dual receive

Page 15 Puxint radioscanner. I found the radio easy to figure out and program, and audio is great both ways.

Major, major omission in the manual was how to program a repeater into memory. How do you connect to PC? Contact the puxing px 2r manual with comments or questions. There’s not too much to see, all the IC’s are on one side of the board, and the entire radio consists of only 7!! When I try to connect to the PX-2R, with its software however the connection fails.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. It would read the contents of the radio but displayed incorrect puxing px 2r manual in all of the fields.

My only nik is the manual. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Puxing product. Major, major omission in the manual was how to program a repeater into memory. The user experience is pleasant. Page 3 QTX radioscanner. That must be done each time the program is loaded. Most report ‘muffled’ audio and no my thumb is not over the mic. Not too bad when you are listening by speaker, but with the headphones it gets annoying.

Only took 1 week to puxing px 2r manual it! One word of warning about programming software and cables. Puxing px 2r manual display is easy to read and lights up nicely.


Puxing px 2r manual out over 2 watts on high power. Author Post time Subject Direction: I’ve only got the one that came with it, and for some reason it only works when it’s pushed up towards the top of the radio. Performance of this radio is over the top for a shirtpocket radio.

As with my other Puxing, the build quality is outstanding and I wish they would build a 2 meter version!

Very poor tx audio reported to me with just about every transmission. Solid and seems to be very well made.

Puxing PX-2R Manuals

New to Ham Radio? The manual left a lot to be desired so I ordered the programming cable and software about 6 days.

If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. I recently purchased the updated 2M version of the radio because of the good experience with the my UHF nanual.

I bought a pair of these while I was in China. I pretty much echo everything said so far. Clicking on the 3rd from the right question marks will display the word english in readable format and clicking on it will change the language displayed.

Puts out over 2 watts puing high power. Receive audio is strong and the display is easy to see, even for my aging eyes. All puxing px 2r manual 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: I have puing couple of PXs and there it’s useless triggers randomly Had a bit of a learning curve puxing px 2r manual it.