The NCMP certificates will be given in addition to the usual NCFM Strategies Module Project Finance Module Securities Market (Advanced) Module Securities . NCFM modules are designed to cover varied aspects of financial services and Before NISM certifications were instituted, NCFM certification modules were the . Course; Project Finance Course; Hedge Fund Course; Credit Risk Modeling. •Mergers and Acquisitions Module •Back Office Operations Module •Wealth Management Module •Project Finance Module •Venture Capital and Private Equity.

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There is a need to channel the capital into the most deserving of projects.

Beginner’s Guide to NCFM Certification Exam

This course is relevant for people looking to join the equity research division of a. Financial Markets Advanced Module. To learn to apply advanced techniques of valuation of securities and derivative products To understand investment and hedging strategies. It also covers the RBI guidelines on market risk and covers the entire Market Risk management process in a financial institution.

To learn about the trading platform of the currency derivatives segment of a stock exchange. The top employers of charterholders include the most respected financial corporations in the world, e.

A Beginner’s Module aims at creating a better understanding of the concepts underlying the money market and giving insights into the motives of and operations related to the trading of interest rate derivatives. This module aims at familiarizing the candidates with the fundamentals of banking and provides some basic insights into the policies and practices followed in the Indian banking system.

The following are the benefits of the program: To learn the concepts of bond valuation, yield curve, bootstrapping and duration. This module introduces students to the fundamentals of technical analysis and goes on to discuss more intricate aspects of technical analysis including different types of charts, patterns and indicators along with their significance. Appearing for CFA Level 1 exam? Anybody having interest in this subject Test details Duration: Operational risk management is a methodology which helps in risk assessment, risk decision making, and implementation of risk controls, which results in acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance of risk which is highly integral to businesses.


This module explains in simple terms the basic concepts of different types of debt instruments G-secs, T-bills, CPs, Bonds and CDs and provides useful insights into the Indian debt market, its various components, the trading mechanism of debt instruments in stock exchanges, bond valuation and so on.

Why should one take this course? The Indian equity derivatives market has seen tremendous growth since the year when equity derivatives were introduced in India. NCQA modules have been prepared with a view to provide candidates the required application level knowledge and skills on quality thinking and quality tools such as Lean, 7 Steps of Problem Solving, Data Analysis Tools, and basics of Six Sigma in their everyday work.

They act as a major driver in transforming the economy into a more efficient, innovative and competitive marketplace. For successful candidates certificates are valid for 3 years from the test date.

Building upon the foundation laid down in options trading module, this advanced level module delves deeper to help students acquire an intricate understanding of the options market and pdoject of identifying and applying suitable strategies.

You are a student who wants to start a career in Business Analytics. Thanks for sharing such knowledgeable post.

To improve one’s awareness of the policies and practices in the Indian banking sector. For more details, Click here to Download the Brochure. The mutual fund industry has come to occupy an important place in India. There is no negative marking in this module. To understand the concept of mutual funds.

NCFM Module

To have a comprehensive and broad based knowledge about the options markets. If you have done CFA, there are many opportunities for you. This certifications holds special relevance to employees of treasury and investment divisions of banks and financial institutions, stock analysts and finance professionals in general. To have a basic understanding about the concept of insurance To finahce about the various types of insurance, fundamentals of risk management, insurance contracts and principles etc.

In addition, it encourages students and other interested individuals to gain an insight into and working knowledge of financial markets, which can be of immense utility in making informed investment decisions or even making a career in finance. This certification is designed to help students become acquainted with the fundamentals of equity derivatives and learn about their use in speculation, hedging and arbitraging. Interest rate derivative products are the primary instruments available to manage such risks.


Options Trading Strategies Module. To know more click here. This online program is designed specifically for the IT audience, is the first of its kind in India. This module has been developed for those involved with or interested to know about information security related issues in the financial markets. Revised Ncrm Fee Structure.

NSE – National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

However, employers are seeking candidates who are just not qualified but fulfill the criteria of possessing expert skills which has been tested and certified. Please throw some light on this Sir! To learn projct the the trading of derivatives on the stock exchanges.

To know pfoject the roles of different players viz. It also covers the RBI guidelines on market risk and covers the entire Market Risk management process in a financial institution To view the course demo and course outline: It can be of great utility for fibance investors, High-Networth Individuals HNIsportfolio managers, stock brokers or sub-brokers dealing in derivatives, custodians or employees of mutual funds and financial institutions along with anyone interested in derivatives market.

The advantage of establishing global accounting standards is that a single format would be used for financial statements across all companies internationally.

For more information, call FLIP at or email: For successful candidates certificates are valid for 5 years from the test date. Your email address will not be published. Market ,odule is the risk of financial loss due to this volatility.