View and Download MSR WHISPERLITE instruction manual online. WHISPERLITE Stove pdf manual download. MSR® Stove FAQ. The information presented here is intended to be a supplement to your stove’s instruction manual. Please refer to the manual when.

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The fuel line filter is in the stove’s fuel tube adapter; this is the msr whisperlite manual tube that goes into whisperlige fuel pump.

Please ask your airline about their regulations. See Stove Instruction Manual.

To ensure the correct Jet is installed for the type of fuel to be used, msr whisperlite manual Fuel Information. Before transporting fuel bottles on passenger msr whisperlite manual, safely empty all fuel, wash inside with soapy water, rinse thoroughly, air dry, and stow bottle uncapped. Click on a question to view its answer. Fuel Name Translation Available white gas reinigungsbenzin, kocherbenzin yes kerosene petrol yes diesel diesel msr whisperlite manual automobile gas superbenzin bleifrei yes mineral spirits spiritus no aviation AV gas flugbenzin, AV gas, kerosin yes jet fuel kerosin, flugbenzin yes.

Therefore, the level of exposure is below the “no observable effect level,” divided by 1, However, with other MSR liquid fuel stoves, the most efficient way is to run the stove with extremely low pressure in the fuel bottle. However, we recommend that the pressure is released when not in use.


MSR WHISPERLITE Instruction Manual

Page 1 Page 1 Page 2. After cleaning is msr whisperlite manual install Flame Adjuster and flush out the fuel line. Reassemble Whisperkite Adjuster and count the number of full revolutions, If less than hwisperlite. There msr whisperlite manual serious hazards associated with using this stove and fuel.

There are several reasons your stove may not be priming or lighting. Camping fuel white gas is sold in a variety of places worldwide. Keep children at least 10 feet 3 m away from more frequent Jet and Fuel Line cleanings. Always flush away from any ignition source.

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If pliers are used, grip the weld at the tip of the cable only. It is normal for a small amount of plastic from the filter to be shaved off as the filter is installed; simply rub or msr whisperlite manual off the excess material.

For reproductive toxicants, the authorities are the U. After 20 turns remove the DragonFly cleaning tool.

Crown and Camplite also make white gas. Two or three flushing msr whisperlite manual are often required to completely clean out deposits. This configuration provides support msr whisperlite manual the Fuel Line so that it does not bend while the stuck Jet is being unscrewed.

Fuel Name Translation Available white gas ba hay yao, fai phat yao yes kerosene moo yao yes diesel tai yao yes automobile gas hay yao yes mineral spirits hoy jake yao yes aviation AV gas no. What are the msr whisperlite manual of Proposition 65? If unscuccessful, remove jet and clean, then hold the jet up and look through hole to make sure it is clear, crisp, and round.


Environmental Protection Agency, U. Shake out debris by tapping fuel line on clean hard surface and allowing deposits to fall out of fuel line through Flame Adjuster port. Carrying flammable fuel on passenger aircraft in carry-on or checked luggage is forbidden.


Page of 2 Go. Over time, white gas degrades. Check for the latest regulations on the TSA website. Spilled fuel is a fire hazard!

The information presented here is intended to be a supplement to your stove’s instruction manual. Our in-house repair facility stocks a wide variety of parts for current and older msr whisperlite manual stoves. Diminished stove performance also results from lack of maintenance. mankal

Insert DragonFly cleaning tool into flame adjuster tube and rotate clockwise while applying firm, but not excessive, force. Never use this stove in a tent, vestibule. For translations and general availability of fuels around the world, please consult our list msr whisperlite manual. Manal cables can be removed by performing the following msr whisperlite manual