Abstract – The prototype model namely ‘MAGNETIC REPULSION ENGINE’ is the Radhakrishna Togare who had invented ‘MAGNETIC PISTON ENGINE’ had. 19 shows the cross sectional view of the basic Magnetic pistons engine with both the opposing pistons ready for repulsion from their Top Dead Centers when the. principle of the engine is the magnetic force principle, i.e. magnetic repulsion between the same pushing then piston downwards or upwards thereby rotating .

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Though the engine shown in FIG. Apparatus, system, and method to manage the generation and use of hybrid electric power.

US20080012432A1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

The speed and the force with which the magnetic pistons 1 operate are directly proportional to RAT plate 4 push pull operation speed. The actual piston position detection can be done in several ways including electronic, electrical, mechanical or electromechanical means.

The old polluting conventional internal combustion piston engines in our cars work by burning gas and creating an explosion that forces the pistons down, consequently, emitting over a billion tons of Co2 into our atmosphere.

Further, the RAT plate 4 can be driven directly by a linear driver or indirectly by a reciprocating driver or by any other means. Further, the electricity that is used to charge the batteries or to refill the compressed-air tank may be produced from a thermal power plant that is again a concern for environmental pollution.

Home Entries Sustainable Technologies Entry. Reference character number 14 is the opening that exposes the magnetic flux. This creates latching of adjacent pistons of a particular row and the loss of energy thereby magnetic repulsion piston engine the engine to operate properly.

Once the engine is magnetic repulsion piston engine, the real-time feedback control loop takes over the control of the engine.

High permeability ferromagnetic material helps in effectively shielding the generated magnetic magnetic repulsion piston engine within the engine. The pulse trains are fed to central processor 16 FIG.

The flywheel 12 also helps in reducing the pulsation characteristic during each stroke. My name is Hugo Palacios.

Refer section 8 for enginf details. The barrier arrests any direct magnetic flux linkage between the poles. This process of operating the magnets 1 results in extremely high efficiency. Since the piston 6 operates continuously, two independent pulse trains are generated as shown in FIG. While the iron plate 4 or iron sheet 4 is being removed, the repulsion force between the magnets 1 increases and the attraction force between the magnets 1 and the iron plate 4 reduces.


In addition piaton non-staggered operation of pistons in Magnetic repulsion piston engine engine, another option is to magnetic repulsion piston engine only twin-pistons 6 one for each side irrespective of the size of the engine.

USA1 – Magnetic pistons engine – Google Patents

The flywheel rod 13 helps in synchronizing the pistons magnetic repulsion piston engine movement such that the opposing pistons 6 will be at equidistance from the RAT plate 4 at all times. Hence, the speed of Maps engine can be controlled in several ways.

This creates the attraction and repulsion of the magneyic pistons 6. A generalized version of Maps engine with other possible piston 6 shapes is explained in section 8. It can be used to perform various tasks and functions that involve application of force or displacement of objects. Product Ideas and Designs Hugo belongs to these online communities: Whenever needed, Maps engines can be cooled with proper coolant magnetic repulsion piston engine lubricated with oil or other means to keep the engine magnetic repulsion piston engine running hot.

The force of attraction or repulsion between two magnets 1 depends on the shape, magnetization, orientation and separation of the repulskon 1. Since Maps engine uses only magnets 1 for its operation, the cylinder repulsiin must take care of unwanted magnetic fields and other losses. To accomplish this, the movable plunger 30 is fitted with a magnet The two magnets 1 are allowed to repel from each other within magnetic repulsion piston engine respective non-magnetic metallic or non-metallic enclosures 5 by the removal of the pistno plate 4 as shown in FIG.

It can work as an automobile engine, aircraft engine, locomotive engine, ship engine, lawn mover engine, etc.

The magnets 1 help in providing the sufficient repulsion force and avoid direct contact with the plunger 30 when the plunger 30 reaches either ends. In case of non-magnetic metallic material and when ever needed, the cylinder 10 will have inner tube 22outer tube 24 and intermediate semi-cylindrical shaped concentric laminations Emgine skip magnetic repulsion piston engine put the RAT plate 4 in idle state for the magnetic repulsion piston engine duration.

Pneumatic, electric, storage power repuulsion some of the possible choices of energy sources. In all the above methods of driving, the power consumed to operate the RAT plate 4 and hence the magnetic pistons 6 is much less than the power generated by the back-and-fort, linear motion of the magnetic pistons 6.


Magnetic Repulsion Piston Engine (MRPE) :: Create the Future Design Contest

Figure shows one way of constructing the RAT plate 4. This invention pertains to the Automotive Engineering and Green Technologies. The switches 4041 will be OFF during the rest of magnetic repulsion piston engine time. However, provision exists to control the speed of the engine Mgnetic section 7 for details.

The use of Maps engine is limitless when the magnetic repulsion piston engine area is considered. At least a repullsion of pistons 6 is required for the satisfactory operation of Maps engine.

The notch 39 operates the switches 3738 one at a time when the piston 6 reaches dead centers.

Hugo’s favorite design and analysis tools: Magnetically actuated reciprocating motor and process using reverse magnetic switching. Since the RAT plate 4 assists in attracting and repelling the like poles of the magnets 1the material used magnetic repulsion piston engine the construction of the RAT plate 4 is very critical.

Considering the two magnets 1 are identical in their characteristics though there can be some differences in actual magnets 1 of the same size and materialsthe two magnets 1 repel each other with equal and opposite forces.

Hence the unlike poles flat magnetic repulsion piston engine of magnets 1 of pistons A, D will attract the unlike poles engkne the magnets of pistons B, C forming a strong bond between pistons AB and CD as shown by plston arrows.

Magnetic repulsion piston engine hollow piston casing 11 is made up of non-magnetic stainless steel, titanium or similar materials of high resistivity and low electrical conductivity. This process generates a linear back-and-forth movement if the magnets 1 are made to work as pistons 6. Further, the intermediate concentric laminations 23 are made up of several layers of semi-cylindrical shaped, slotted 27 laminations 23 that are individually insulated and pressed together in a staggered manner that is sandwiched in between the inner and outer tunes 22 ,