This one, detailed in a page chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs that preceded an act of. chapter titled “Lydda, ,” concerns an alleged massacre of Palestinian Arabs another “massacre,” the one in April at the Arab village of Deir Yassin. Lydda, HOW DID ZIONISM ARRIVE IN THE VALLEY OF LYDDA? JUST AS IT. ARRIVED in some of Palestine’s other valleys and plains. In the autumn of.

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Hand grenades were thrown from all directions. Booklet about Lydda [ permanent dead link ] in Arabic and Hebrew, Zochrot. He adds that Kadish et al. The Ramallah city council asked King Abdullah to remove them.

We must think like a state. Over the past three days, the townspeople had undergone aerial bombardment, ground invasion, 148 seen grenades thrown into their homes and hundreds of residents killed, had been living under a curfew, had been abandoned by the Arab Legion, and the able-bodied men had been rounded up.

‘Thanks for doing Zionism’s filthy work’: A response to Ari Shavit | + Magazine

Also see [1] [2] [3]all accessed 14 December The people were fatigued even before they began their journey or could attempt to reach any destination.

Schmuel “Mula” Cohen, wrote of Lydda that, “the cruelty of the war here reached its zenith. Still others mount machine guns in the streets and shoot at anything that moves. Oxford Studies in International History. More than any eyewitness testimony, it is this figure—especially when contrasted with the small number of Israeli casualties four dead and twelve wounded —that has given rise to the claim that what occurred must have been a massacre and not a battle. Officers and soldiers contradict themselves, they contradict their comrades, and Israelis and Palestinians obviously contradict one another.

On a visit home inHabash was caught in the Jewish attack on Lydda and, along with his family, forced to leave the city in the mass expulsion that came to be known as the Lydda Death March.


Gelber describes what followed as probably the bloodiest massacre of the Arab—Israeli war. And so it was that two days after the end of the ceasefire, on July 11,the battle-hardened Jewish army stormed the town of Lydda, easily overwhelming their ragtag forces, and marching inexorably toward al-Ramla.

The Occupation of Lydda, July The rest of you, get the hell down the hillside! On whether what occurred in Lydda and Ramle constituted ethnic cleansing: Shavit must be a privileged human being who wakes up and goes to bed every single day with a feeling of gratitude.

On 12 Maythe conference achieved its only success when the parties signed the Lausanne Protocol on the framework for a comprehensive peace, which included territories, refugees, and Jerusalem. He numbered them at 70, all but three of them men, and he may have been the local source for that number. I added for emphasis: I rushed in with the unit, using grenades and submachine guns. Views Read View source View history.

The Banality of Evil as Hannah Arendt described it of the same evil in a different location. For Sheikh Mustafa, there was no choice but to send his son to the nearby kibbutz to surrender. Lydda is an integral and essential part of the story. I think that identifying with the killers to such a degree makes it more difficult for to see what they did. Booklet about Ramla [ permanent dead link ]also in Arabic and Hebrew, Zochrot, all accessed 28 November Maybe it struck a pile of grenades that was in the mosque.

One of the training-group leaders is wounded when a hand grenade, apparently thrown from the small mosque, explodes and takes his hand clear off.

Retrieved from ” https: One young neighbor of ours, a man in his late twenties, not ltdda, Amin Hanhan, had secreted some money in his shirt to care for his family on the journey. According to Christian legend, Lydda was the birth place and burial ground of Saint George ca. The operation was meant to open a broad corridor to Jerusalem, which was in danger of being severed from the Jewish state.

He said there was fear of a massacre, as there had been at Deir Yassinand that there were bodies scattered in the streets and between the houses, including the bodies lyda women and children. After a half-hour of intense fire, the battle died down.


The fall of an Arab town in | News | Al Jazeera

New Star in the Near East. Some women died and their babies nursed from their dead bodies. Are Lydda and Ben Shemen necessarily mutually exclusive?

The records of Lydda’s military command discuss military training, constructing obstacles and trenches, requisitioning vehicles and assembling armored cars armed with machine-guns, and attempts at arms procurement.

Archived from the original PDF on 18 July That evening, the 3rd Battalion of the Yiftah brigade moved into southern approaches to the city, took the two landmarks of the Great Mosque and the Church of St.

What Happened at Lydda

Benny Morris argues that Israeli lyddda from the s throughout the s—who wrote lydsa he calls the “Old History”—were “less than honest” about what had happened in Lydda and Ramle.

Lehmann did not see, and Zionism chose not to know. Do the fruits justify absolutely anything? The grassroots movements in Israel-Palestine that won Vadim, this is basic hasbara, no more, no less.

As the residents left, the sacking of the cities began. Soldiers of the Yiftach brigade included youth movement graduates, who had been inculcated with values such as international fraternity and humaneness.

Shapira writes that the Israelis had no experience of governing civilians and panicked. They were sure that with its help, they would still strike at the Jewish army. Today this war is gradually being written yldda of popular history and national memory. But there is another view, championed by Alon Kadish and Avraham Sela in a book devoted to the conquest of Lyddathat the events of that day were llydda straightforward battle.