Visit us on the web at for more information: • Price Quotations • Drivers· Technical Specifications. Manuals and Documentation . Model System DMM Instruction Manual Rev. D. Manual Type: Primary User; Part Number: D. Release Date: Sep 17 View and Download Keithley DMM instruction manual online. 5 function autoranging digital multimeter. DMM Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

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Kerry D. Wong » Blog Archive » Keithley Firmware/Calibration Data Backup

Disable zero and leave it disabled for the remainder of the ohms verification procedure. For an arduino usb to gpib project check this: Accuracy Considerations— For sensitive measurements, other external considerations besides the Model will affect the accuracy.

Repeat the procedure for each of the ranges with negative voltages. Big String Error A big mankal error occurs when trying to display a message using the D manal that exceeds 10 characters. Entering an invalid value will result with the instrument using the power up default limit. Place the instrument in the single scan mode. A Model specification LabView library example keothley K Keithley Photos Keithley The included files are annotated versions of the main non-power supply section of the Keithley Current Source.

At SVi and 6 V 2 -digit resolution, low level measure- ment techniques need to be employed.

Model instruction manual with schematics, Rev. If ohms offset compensation was disabled, the instru- ment will return to the previous operating state. If it is desired to retain the displayed HI limit, proceed to step 7. Entering a filter value of 00 wUl default the filter value back to the previous value and return the instrument to ieithley previously defined state with the filter disabled.


Whatever address is used, it must be the same as the value specified as part of the controller’s programming language. Press PRGM, 3, 1.

T6 X— Spaces are ignored. The instrument execute X character provides the trigger stimulus in the T4 and T5 modes. DC Voltage Measurements 2.

196 System DMM Instruction Manual | Keithley

Programmed terminator and EOI sequences appear at the end of each reading in the GO and G1 modes, but are transmitted only at the end of the buffer in the G2 through G5 modes. The B1 command must be asserted when using the G2 through G5 modes.

The instrument will return to the previously defined state with the zero modifier enabled using the newly entered zero value. These delays allow for proper operation of the Translator software, since “X” cannot be used in Translator words.

Otherwise, modify the displayed value using the data buttons. In the continuous data storage mode 10storage will not stop after the ,anual is filled readingsbut will pro- ceed back to the first memory location and start overwriting data. Range Command Summary Command Raitf.

When the data store is Vz full.


At this point, the instrument will run the program. Adjust the frequency of the signal generator until a peak AC voltage reading is measured on the Model Use Kelvin test leads or shielded test leads. Unofficial schematics by xDevs. A zero baseline level can be as large as full range.

Set the DMM keithlwy the proper function and range. Select a range consistent with the expected resistance or use autorange.

If the measured value is greater than the high limit, the following message wUl be displayed: Therefore, press a Range button and the following message will be displayed: Turn zero off, if it is enabled.

To send GET, the controller must perform the following sequence: An advantage of using the filter is to stabilize the reading of a noisy input level. Autoranging is available for all functions and ranges. If the sense leads are To make resistance measurements, proceed as follows: Each press of one of these buttons todies the display between the two available conditions.

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The front panel input terminals are selected when the switch is in the “in” position and the keithldy panel input terminals are selected when the switch is in the “out” position. Current standards call for metric threads, which are identified with dark colored screws. Typical invalid command strings include: With this feature, a DDC option number is sent with the wild card Translator word. The pinouts of these two chips are quite similar. The factory power up default value of M is keithoey.

That Translator word will retain its original definition. The picture below shows the Keithley with the top cover removed. This can be demonstrated by touching the cir- cuit, by placing a heat source near the circuit or by a regular pattern of instability corresponding to heating and air-conditioning systems or changes in sunlight.

If the reference is IV or 1mA, the following message will be displayed: Readings may be sent with or without prefixes. When proper connections are made, instrument chassis is connected to power line ground. Set trigger mode, and storage parameters.

In a con- tinuous trigger mode, readings will be updated at the con- version rate. The calibration command takes on the follow- ing form: The recommended reference range is lOfiV to 9.