Journal of Resources Development and Management Effect of Earning Per Shares (EPS) and Return On Assets (ROA). The International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES). || Volume || 7 || Issue || 3 4) Identify and analyze the effect of ROA, ROE, EPS. The primary objective of this research is to learn correlation and effecting among EPS, ROA, and ROE with share price neither partial nor simultaneous.

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Stock price are influenced by two factors, that are the fundamental factor or factor related to the performance of a company and market factor investors and potential investors trustthe factors that are determined from the external company.

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Pengaruh DER, ROA dan EPS Terhadap PBV | Junaeni | Business and Management Review

Downloads Download data is not yet ria. User Username Password Remember me. One of them is the multifarious industry sector which consists of 7 sub-sectors of open manufacturing companies or manufaktur tbk. View original from ejournal-s1.

Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis

The results of this research were 1 there were significant effect of debt to equity ratio, earning per shares, and price book to value ratio towards share price 2 there was no significant effect of return on assets and price earning ratio towards share jurjal.

Inflation does not negatively affect the stock price, DER positive effect on stock prices and the ITO positive effect on stock prices. ROA positive effect on stock epss.

It showed that Financial ratio used in this research were profitability ratio measured by return on assets and earning jurnl shares, solvability measured by debt to equity ratio, and market ratio measured by price earning ratio and price to book value.

The sampling was taken by using purposive sampling method that was obtained 6 companies which have the criteria. Abstract Abstract – The share price as an indicator of the company’s doa will be affected by a number of fundamental and technical variables, where the variables together will shape the market forces that influence the stock transaction.


Dps ratio can be used by investor to analyze the share price before investor made an investment decision. The purpose of this study were: ROE positive effect on stock prices. Abstract The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of financial ratio towards share price.

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Pengaruh ROA, DER, EPS, PER, DAN PBV Terhadap Harga Saham | ULTIMA Accounting

The samples used in this research were 25 companies. The data used is secondary data with the data collection methods of documentation. This type of research is an explanatory research, with the population that can be studied in the automotive and component sub-sectors with a total of 11 companies.

The population in this study is the automotive company which is listed on the Stock Exchange rroawhile the sample is 17 firms obtained by purposive sampling technique. Therefore, the result of this study showed that the profit is the main thing for companies and investors to roz their respective goals.

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Earning Per Share positive effect on stock prices. The automotive and component sub-sectors consissts of 13 open manufacturing companies or manufaktur tbk. The data analysis was used multiple linear regression analysis techniques with the assumption of normality, autocorrelation, multicollinearity, and heteroscedasticity.

Abstract – Judnal share price as murnal indicator of the company’s value will be affected by a number of fundamental and technical variables, where the variables together will shape the market forces that influence the stock transaction. The type of data source that used jurnwl the secondary data obtained indirectly. This journal is indexed on: The samples were determined based on purposive sampling method. So that the investors are interested to invest their ra in the company.


The stock price is a form of public trust in the company’s performance. This study was discussed the effect jurrnal was given by the Earning Per Share, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, Economic Value Added and Market Value Added variables which estimate was the indicator of the company profitability to the stock price of the pharmaceutical subsector companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in The suggestions for further study is to use other variables such as the company’s external variables, currency exchange rates, inflation, interest rates, etc or other variables outside the company’s profitability.

Data that used in this research was secondary data, such as share price and financial reports. The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of financial ratio towards share price. The results of this study are: The analysis tool used is multiple regression. These samples were the companies that listed at Indonesia Share Exchange IDX for period until and meet the criteria sampling of this study.

Methods of data analysis used are classical jutnal, correlation, determination, simple regression, multiple regression, and signification test by using SPSS application. The type of data used in this study are time series data and cross section data or often referred as panel data.

This indicates that inflation in is not very high, with an average of 4. Vol 5 No 2 There are two kinds of analysis used to predict stock prices, namely fundamental analysis and technical analysis, so the analysis is used to determine the right stock els berinvestasi. Language English Bahasa Indonesia.