Barzun and Graff thoroughly cover every aspect of research, from the selection of a topic through the gathering, analysis, writing, revision, and publication of. The Modern Researcher by Jacques Barzun, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. The Modern Researcher, by Jacques Barzun and Henry F. Graff, is a guide written for graduate students of history on researching and composing research.

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What is most curious is their particular tirade “The State of Language Today,” regarding what they feel are improper uses for the words “cohort” and “testament” reseaecher. Stephanie rated it it was ok Feb 27, The War on Jargon and Cliches. Part One covers the principles and methods of research; Part Two covers writing, speaking, and getting one’s work published.

The researcher reads all existing biographical material, plus secondary sources that mention the person, plus the person’s letters, then puts all of this information in order.

I don’t know how to write, so tips don’t help me much. You do not currently have access to this article.

Literalism and paraphrase a All good translation is paraphrase Observe idioms and unwritten laws a A thesaurus is good for inspiration Following graduation, he joined Columbia’s faculty as an instructor while continuing his studies in graduate school there, receiving a master’s degree in and a doctorate in French history in Secondary sources are written after the fact, and usually have a bigger-picture, retrospective view of what happened.

I would have learned how to conduct research properly – verify facts, obtain sources, and read carefully – and how to organize my thoughts into coherent text to leave an indelible mark on the reader. Questioning my own grasp of the English language, I picked up my dictionary to consult the entries.


Series editor, Arthur M. Perhaps the greatest flaw of this work is t A useful text in many respects for the graduate student.

The modern researcher / Jacques Barzun, Henry F. Graff – Details – Trove

Lists with This Book. Oral history, what’s that? I often do research for my book reviews and other fhe posts. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. You could not be signed in. From inside the book.

Hardcoverpages. Women at the Wheel: Emphasis, Tone, and Rhythm 1. Live sentences for lively thoughts a No satisfactory definition of a sentence has ever been given b Think researcehr a sentence as an organism possessing a skeleton, muscles, and skin 2.

Disentanglement, or undoing the knots in facts a Printed sources are full of errors that have to be resolved 8. Read this book to learn how to read critically and write with clarity and impact. The types of evidence a Records intentional transmitters of fact: He served as a special assistant to John F.

It certainly met jadques goal and is very well written. Want tips on how to research and write? The ABC of Technique. Falsification on the increase a New modes of communication hte entertainment in the last 50 years have created numerous pseudo-historical programs b This weakens the standards of evidence and truth telling c The overlap between cheap journalism jaccques history writing has been detrimental to the public mind 5.

The Modern Researcher

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich- Academic writing – pages. Truth, causes, and conditions 1. There are newer editions of this classic book on the practice, bzrzun, and philosophy of writing history, and perhaps the special voice and wit of the original authors, polymath Jacques Barzun and Henry Graff, survives in them.


Trivia About The Modern Resear Copyright,by the Mississippi Valley Historical Association.

The Modern Researcher – Jacques Barzun – Google Books

Although I am no longer doing research in an academic setting, I still found the book both interesting and useful. I would like a book that gives instructions on academic writing to tell the reader that it’s now unprofessional to use the universal male moxern. Picture all verbal images a The failure to detect incoherent imagery in our writing leads to the concealment of all or part of our meaning 5. But this edition Fifth Edition,published when personal computers had gained a resrarcher in academic research but the internet had not, and libraries were still in the process of creating their online catalogues, preserves methods that are still necessary for moodern There are newer editions of this classic book on the practice, ethics, and philosophy of writing history, and perhaps the special voice and wit of the original authors, polymath Jacques Barzun and Henry Graff, survives in them.

They probably don’t directly answer the question you have, or summarize the situation, but they give clues and it’s up to the thee to interpret them.

I wish I had read this book 15 years ago.

I have to say I won’t be passing the recommendation on. The mechanics of quotation 4. Still I liked this book. The Rules of Citing: