Posts about Hasta Samudrika Shastra written by palmistryreport. The culture of India presents some old Hindu writings which appear in some very old documents like ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth. Samudrika Shastra is hand analysis in the Vedic tradition, a Sanskrit term that ‘ Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth Sanjeevani” These.

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For it would tend to make a person imprudent, reckless and frivolous. Angad goes and informs Hanuman who requests Tara to go and allay Lakshman’s wrath. If a woman has a wide thumb, it indicates samudriia. Thus we reason that the higher the thumb is placed on the side of the hand, the lower the grade of intelligence and the less the adaptability of the subject. When Saturn is utterly absent, it is a bad sign.

He is, occasionally, hot-headed and impulsive. A thumb may be of any one of the following varieties: The star, if found on the centre of the mount of V enus, denotes that shasra person is endowed with an ani ma l magnetism which draws th e opposite sex to his side, and givesTiim success in the affairs dn bve. When normally developed, fuller at the zamudrika than at its upper part near the mounl of Mars, it denotes a healthy imagi- nation, love of poetry and of i ure mystery.

Straight fingers samudirka a fortunate person. Sudi people shcHild be shunned. Very rarely have all the fingers been found to have the same kind of tips. This kind of fore-knowledge would be divine; hence our science can by no means claim infallibility. Is it not possible that, in this particular instance, he may have been led astray? Sri Pillai, a graduate in Philosophy, was at the time employed in t […]. When normally and well developed, it gives a sense of fitness and balance to other emotions, and makes for seriousness.

Ancient feudal lords samudrikx warriors had this type of fingers. This indicates imagination and creative ability. Head Line is also believed to indicate a preference for creative or analytical approaches to information i.

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If the upper part is thin and the lower wide, the subject samudriika quarrelsome. It is also necessary to examine the quadrangle, f. He will lack ambition and w ill not take steps to improve his lot; in life.

The only mounts which exercise bad influence on character and incline one to criminality and vice are those of Saturn and Mercury. Samudrikx cross on the mount of Mercury has been found to indi- cate a cheat, a thief, one disposed to crooked ways and double dealing. When normally developed, it denotes pure affection, tenderness, charity, S3nnpathy, and a passion for the beautiful and simple, innocent pleasures.

Hssta island on the line of Health is a mark of serious illness.

If palmistry today has an honoured place among recognized sciences, it is owing to the good work of outstana- ing practitioners, like D’Arpendgny, Desbarroles, Cheiro, Ben- ham, Mrs. In dancing, games, md sport, he is quite at home. Witn a grilled mount, bad heart line, narrow quadrangle, and high stiff thumb, he can become a bank robber, pidcpocket, and dishonest gambler.

The nose is straight and finely chiselled, with dilated nostrils, fluttering with emotion.

If found on any mount, a person is protected from the operation or the excess of qualities denoted oy it. If the mount is displaced towards Mars, jt denotes active imagination and inventive- ness; if towards the wrist, passive imagination and day-dream- ing; and, if towards the percussion side of the hand, a suspicious mind.

Full text of “Hast Samudrika Shastra”

The line rising from the wrist and encircling tlie mount of Venus and ending between the thumb and the Jupiter finger is called the Pitri-Rekha or Gotra or Mitra, f.

Friends Line — Lines of friends are also the subsidiary lines found on the palm. Thou permeatest and penetratest this vast universe from the unlimited space down to the tiny blade of grass at my feet. It then becomes the hand of the slomful, the pleasure-lover, the utterly selfish and heartless, and naturally, the common thief and traitor.


Structure of the palm 2. Women with such a sign have been found to suffer from uterine diseases and on hundreds of hands it has been seen to show childlessness. The first samudrikq is one that indicates order in ideas; ‘ihe second knot, order in material things; the third, order in domestic matters. This being so, the presence, appearance or disappearance, deepening or fading of the lines and sims shadtra for samudfika remain a closed book, and no explanation will ever be possible.

Hasta Samudrika Shastra | Palmistry Report

Deep lines indicate a fortunate and charitable person. A straight, round, conical, and soft-looking ahastra is considered good. The nose is short and small, often turning up at the end, and some- times showing the nostrils vejry plainly.

Jyotish is that the ancient science of Hinduism. In the Vedic hastaa, hand analysis falls in the category of Samudrika Shastra, a Sanskrit term that translates roughly as “knowledge of [body] features.

He feels out ot place, isolated from the mass of mankind, is shy and retiring by disposition. Women with thin, skinny hands with protruding veins, with a network of wrinkles, lines and signs are not destined to be happy. Though classified as an upa-purana it is the only purana Vedavyasa called “Maha Purana” meaning the great purana.

The brows grow thick over the eyes. As the palmists have opined after a prolonged research of that there may be one or more than one line of Mars.

While knots in fingers denote powers of reflection and orderly ideas and actions, smooth fingers are found on the hands of persons who are impulsive, unsuccessful, hasty, thoughtless and ignorant of real facts. The life line is also believed to reflect major life changes, including cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocations. The chin is heavy, hanging in shaxtra folds.