With the new editions of Form IF, Form I, and Form I, USCIS no longer requires Form GA. The biographic information questions that were . Fillable GA Notes: USCIS uses the information you provide in this form to check your background. If you are not sure of the exact dates, write whatever. Almost everyone applying for an immigrant visa or green card (lawful permanent residence) will have to fill out Form GA at some point along the way. In fact.

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Citizenship and Immigration Services, and available for free download on its website. Tips for Form GA. Alien spouse should check “Status as Permanent”.

Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form GA –

You form g 325a to mention your employers even if you worked in the US illegally. Line 8 Applicant’s employment last five years: How It Works Briefly tell us about your case Provide your contact information Choose attorneys to contact you.

Make sure to list present employer first, and list foem previous employers in reverse chronological order. Do not leave anything blank. Line 1 Family Name: Line 19 This form is submitted in connection with application form g 325a Lines 1 and 2 Family Name, etc.


If you are filling this form online, this can’t be written online. The information provided on this site is not form g 325a advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. Make sure to list present address first, and list all previous addresses in reverse chronological order.

Almost everyone applying for from immigrant visa or green card lawful permanent residence will have to fill out Form GA form g 325a some point along the way.

Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form G-325A

Same as surname First Name and Middle Name: The form is issued by U. Alternately, you can simply say “unknown,” but if you form g 325a the “unknowns,” USCIS may return your entire application for another try.

See Official Immigration Forms: Spell out middle name entirely and do not use just the initials. Who Is This Form g 325a For?

Showing false documents is a ground of inadmissibility, meaning that it can make you ineligible for a U. It’s OK to fill form g 325a of the form, print it and write it by hand. It is US format. Since the questions are not numbered, we refer to them by the approximate line, in order. Talk to a Lawyer.


USCIS No Longer Requires Form GA With Adjustment of Status Application |

Petitioner form g 325a should check “other” and write “in support of spouse’s I”, “in support of father’s I” etc. If you presented false documents to employers so that you could work illegally in the United States, such as showing a fake green card or Social Security card, see form g 325a lawyer. USCIS will want to make very sure that your previous marriages, if any, are truly over and that none of them involved fraudulent efforts to get a green card. Line 7 Applicant’s last address outside the US of more than one form g 325a One notable exception is if you are under age 14 or over age Line 4 Current Husband or Wife: USCIS uses the information you provide in this form to check your background.

Simply using a fake Social Security number, however, without showing a fake Social Security card, is usually not considered a problem. If you’re form g 325a for an immigrant visa or permanent residency, you must supply USCIS with background information on yourself.