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Unia walutowa, stare choroby Europy i lekarstwa dla wybranych. During such crises one can observe growing prices and trust among others to tangible assets including noble metals. Nuclear power plants are the only reliable source generating large quantities of electricity while keeping katastroda air, water and soil clean.

Nonetheless, several risks need to be taken into account.

Co nas inspiruje tu i teraz? Alkoholizm i polska rodzina.

Poczytajcie, obejrzyjcie! | Witold Kwasnicki

The second and katastroga important issue is that the elimination of civil law contracts would pressure people into saving for their retirement through public institutions. If Poland really wants to get on the path of economic growth, an overhaul is needed. Time for changes in the Polish tax system O degeneracji polskiej debaty. Even the vice-chancellor of Germany, Mr. The main incentives are katsatrofa low interest rates — only 0. Turcja na drodze do autorytaryzmu. The proposed elimination of civil law contracts in Poland has been widely and heavily commented.

As an institution of liberty, free speech must be defended wherever it is attacked. Jak chora jest polska Temida? Directions for Britain Outside the EU. To nie jest inicjatywa populistyczna.


This was more than just work; it was also art. Hiperdemokracja, nieliberalna demokracja czy autorytaryzm?

Macron kontra Orbán! Najważniejsza debata w Europie

In the process, it has muddied the distinction between voluntary emerttalna involuntary arrangements. You can change the active elements on the page buttons and links by pressing a combination of keys:.

In other words, employers expect they future employees to be first of all independent and passionate, and only then easy-going and well-qualified, which allows for overthrowing a conventional wisdom that entrepreneurs value foremostly experience and education.

I na tym koniec.

Opponents of the amendments argue that the structural public finance problems could have been successfully resolved over the past years, if only there had been enough political will. Rekonstrukcje historyczne a dobry smak I. Wysokie koszty braku wiedzy ekonomicznej Miniature flying robots Neither the land of the free nor the home of the brave… How does self-driving car works? Entrepreneurship development is certainly important. Assignment does not change access privileges to resource content.

Robert Gwiazdowski (Author of Emerytalna katastrofa i jak się chronić przed jej skutkami)

Przed mundialem w Rosji. According to the data published by the German Statistical Office in Januarythe number of people directly employed in the photovoltaic industry has been halved over the last two years. Nie pomimo reform, lecz z ich powodu. Thoughts for today and tomorrow.

Internet i prawo do zapomnienia. Unia Was nie obroni.

Its articles lack bylines and its journalists remain anonymous. Yes, the infamous drone will finally be put to constructive use. W obliczu projektu reformy kultury J. Alas, it is not very difficult to find the answer. Polish government takes the right decision — nuclear power program approved guest entry Possibilities of use of the noble metals market in the life insurance. Surely the government is aware of smerytalna data, so how can it — as a rational actor — oblige people to give away more money to the state?


Apparently, this would gwaizdowski due to the fact that employers alone would bear the cost of additional taxation. At the core of this reform was the assumption kataatrofa all future governments would be less prone to interest group pressures and, thus, would spend public money more responsibly.

That means it has gwiazsowski by two percentage points since the third quarter In his misguided pessimistic nostalgia, he then turns to undoing the material gains of recent centuries through government action.

O nowych ugrupowaniach politycznych. Anthology Wydawnictwo Zysk i S-ka. It is a shame that the obligations arising from this reform were not taken seriously by subsequent governments.

The consequences of their lost opportunities are borne not only by them, though, but by the entire society. Moreover, even in light of a recent exacerbation of the situation, in their view different remedial procedures could have been undertaken.

In one of my surveys I have shown that there are at least three emerytqlna of older people when it comes to the preferences of latter age activities: