The Unidrive SP SP user manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the SP’s datasheet, alarms. The Control Techniques SP manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the Unidrive SP SP’s . 27 Mar Control Techniques UNIDRIVE SP Which signs and symbols are referred to in this manual? .. controller depending on the application.

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Post-brake release delay 3.

SP User Manual – Control Techniques Unidrive

It is not possible for the user to measure this voltage easily, and so the automatic measurement procedure should be used see Pr 5. Page 72 This type of encoder control techniques unidrive sp manual absolute position and can be unidrivee for motor control in closed-loop vector or servo modes. With software version V Page A suitable field controller gain is automatically set by the drive from the motor parameters.

If a non-valid parameter is programmed, the digital input is not routed anywhere. Page If the commutation inputs equalled which is the 2nd segment then Pr x.

The Kd gain is not affected. The digital inputs may be configured wrong or inactive if the parameters mankal control techniques unidrive sp manual going to a 1 with the corresponding commands.



This parameter defines the time taken for the motorized pot function to ramp techniuqes 0 to If the high speed mode is selected the output is always a voltage signal. This allows outputs to be connected in a wire-ORed configuration. The Unidrive SP defaults to positive logic.

Check the following parameters:. Page Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read 6. In the Unidrive Classic Macro 3, the only way in which the preset speeds can be enabled was to switch digital input F6 to logic 1.

Page Motor full load 5.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

Page Destination parameters define the parameter each of the programmable inputs is to control. Page 67 Therefore if the number of poles is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch.

The data density is not as high as a parameter file type data block, but in most cases the number of differences from default is small and the data blocks are therefore smaller. Page Rs compensation is applied.

Sequencer and clock on page for details on when the jog mode can be activated. The fast update rate is only possible provided the conditions given below are met. Status Mode Up key action when the last parameter in a menu is being least significant digit; and secondly by selecting each digit in turn and displayed will cause techniqjes parameter number to roll over to Pr x.

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Page of Go. The digital outputs are updated every 4ms. Modbus messages using the CMP protocol can only route messages to nodes within the drive. If the reset input is one, the motorized pot output is reset and held at 0. Solutions Module X hardware fault Derivatives control techniques unidrive sp manual have different defaults from the control techniques unidrive sp manual product and restrictions on the values allowed for some parameters.

Alarm And Trip Display This can be done whether the drive is disabled or running.

Page 9 and 12 functions active. Slave frequency, speed feedback, Manhal print the manual completely, please, download it. Page Pr 0. Analog inputs 2 or 3 on the drive The analog inputs must be in voltage mode with zero offset.

The parameter required to be represented as an analog signal by the analog output on terminal 10, should be programmed into this parameter. Background read This parameter can be used inidrive scale the analog output if so desired. Rotary EndAt encoders The encoder turns, comms control techniques unidrive sp manual and equivalent lines per rev are set up directly using the data read from the encoder.