In Worldliness, C. J. Mahaney and fellow pastors such as Dave Harvey, Jeff Purswell, and Bob Kauflin wisely lead us to see the often subtle. I just finished the audio book, Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney with contributing authors: John Piper (Foreword), Dave Harvey, Bob Kauflin, Jeff Purswell, and Craig. This resource uncovers the subtle presence of worldliness in our hearts and helps believers learn to relate to the world while resisting its.

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C.j.mahanney material alone is worth the price of the book, and should be considered by every woman who desires to honor Christ and to serve her brothers in Christ. I’d heard a lot of Mahaney’s stuff on modesty before, so maybe that’s why. The first theme is that worldliness is seductive, causing the heart to drift.

Book Review – Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney – Tim Challies

The authors of Worldliness have managed to weave three themes through this book that successfully avoid qorldliness theological shortcuts that most authors take when discussing such a difficult topic. Then he went on a tangent about wedding c.j.maaney often being the most inappropriate thing that women wear and that all fathers should go shopping for wedding dresses to insure they are properly modest.

Craig Cabaniss follows up Mahaney’s .cj.mahaney chapter discussing the effects of mass media. My full review on my blog is at http: He develops the chapter in terms that modern postmoderns can identify with, by explaining the grand story meta-narrative of redemption, and then proposing that we have three tasks in our calling to love the world as obedient servants of Christ: So don’t just “go to work” and “do your job”–see your job as a way to imitate God, serve God, and love others.

Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World by C.J. Mahaney

He also has some great thoughts here in regard to how a lack of discernment in what we listen to during the week affect our worship on Sundays which I addressed earlier this week on the Worship Ministry blog. Worldliness does not consist of outward actions though such actions can certainly be evidence of worldliness but instead is a heart attitude that rebels against God.


Each chapter brings a very real world understanding to the topic. Speaking in plain language, peppered with scriptural truths, C. This is ego-centric to say the least. It came c.j.mmahaney as an uneven collection of essays of unequal value.

If you’ve ever been in a conservative church group, you’ve probably heard everything the book says.

Our affluent and technologically advance society brings the world to our doorstep, into our homes, into our very presence…They deliver endless opportunities to pursue pleasure without regard to God and his Word, endless opportunities to be seduced by this fallen world, to succumb to the sin of c.i.mahaney. Leave a Worldlines Cancel reply Enter your comment here Worldliness, then, is a love for this fallen world. Whose attention do I desire and who approval do I crave? Each writer has a clear focus in writing and ask solid, pointed questions that will push you to Biblically analyze how you spend your leisure time, what concessions you make in regards to entertainment, and ultimately how we should view our time in light of the Gos Wordliness is a fantastic book that I believe should be in every Christian’s library.

Craig Cabaniss challenges us on our use of media, how we watch TV and Movies and what guide we use Such a good book edited by C. But this This book was easily digestible but also suitable punchy.

People today are saturated in cj.mahaney and prosperity. There are plenty of young men who choose clothes that are intended to make them appear powerful or dangerous or wealthy.

May 01, Randy Alcorn added it Shelves: Jan 22, Katelyn Shay added it. This is a blame the victim issue. And this is where the job of a book reviewer gets tough. But God’s creational purposes and Christ’s redeeming work infuse our work with meaning, and promise God-glorifying fruit as a result.

He also marshals material from his wife and daughters’ blog, Girl Talk, in challenging Christians, especially Christian women, to purchase and wear Christ-honoring clothing.


Want to Read saving…. The first two of these chapters are excellent. These authors were able c.u.mahaney avoid that trap, and I believe that it is because of their great love for the gospel message that infiltrated every page.

He wants his readers to see music as a “carrier” of content rather than sinful or holy at its essence.

Book Review: Worldliness by C.J. Mahaney

It’s a relatively short book, only 6 chapters but those chapter pack a bunch regarding how we relate to the world around us. It’s hard to imagine any Worldlness not benefitting from this book–it’s short, practical, readable, and will challenge your life and life choices. Any book on worldliness faces a difficult challenge.

The book includes discussion questions in the back, making it quite useful for both private and group study. Each chapter tackles the subject of worldliness in these different areas: It is the best I have ever read on worldlinesa topic of Worldliness.

Each chapter is by a different author, and deals with a different subject: Which should be all of us. So read on, and see what the context demands. Mahaney and friends, men I trust, have written an excellent treatment of a vital and recently neglected subject. Somehow, if it’s a black-tie event it’s OK to put a Christian woman’s body on display?! Using the audio format to read this book is a fabulous choice and the only downside I found was with the discussion questions – it would have been easier if I could read them in print versus just hearing them.

He shed abroad his spiritual riches where there were once only the trinkets and baubles of sin.

Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World

This is a great book. Because such a book is long overdue I was pleased to see that Worldliness would be coming from C. I agree with Piper’s assessment.