RP LLL-BB 3 L ERRATA October 1, to. API RP 11L RECOMMENDED PRACTICE for. DESIGN CALCULATIONS for. SUCKER ROD. Find the most up-to-date version of API RP 11L at Engineering 1 Jun API RP 11L. June Design Calculations for Sucker Rod Pumping Systems ( Conventional Units). Historical Version.

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However,because of the many known cases in which tubing is unanchored, a formulaisincludedwhich,experienceindicates, will giveavery close approximation of relative plunger travel api rp 11l respect to the pump. At Pumping Speed, N c;?: Some of thelater techni uesforpredicting rod performance have used an alequate representation of thesucker rod.

Three discussions included in the final reports of test results by Midwest Research Institute have been published for permanent reference in API Drilling and Production Practicep. With this value, the nondimensional pumping speed c api rp 11l n be calculated by: Er represents the inches of elongation caused by the application of a load Of One pound to a rod One foot in length.

Generally speaking, a higher slip prime mover results in slight decreases in the maximum load and a slight increase api rp 11l the minimum load but also tends to reduce the rl pump stroke; therefore!

This assumption makes possible a mathematical simplification wherein thespringequation anordinarydifferentialequato simulatethecharacteristics of the tion isused is mathesucker rod.

Althoughthisassumption matically convenient, it destroys the analogy between api rp 11l mathematicalmodel theactualsuckerrodand used to represent the sucker rod. This general definition putsthe pseudosonic velocity ratio into the equation.


API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system

Without this provision, theanalysisdoesnotincludethe effect of force waves traveling within the sucker rod, which is an important characteristic of api rp 11l systems. Values in cwrent Table 4. Physical Characteristics of Sucker Rods c.

Sucker Rod the research phase its dissoluPumpingResearch,Incorporated,before to Amertion, api rp 11l these correlated test results ican Petroleum Institute for publication, This R e c m m d e d Practice for the Design Calculations of Sucker Rod PumpingSystems usingconventional pumpingunits is basedonthesecorrelations.

A mathematical evaluation of sucker-rod pumping, forpracticalpurposes,revolvesaround the development of equations to express the motion and the state of stress of sucker rods. Mitigate liability and better api rp 11l compliance regulations Boost efficiency: F1 is the fluidload plusthe maximum dynamic effect on the up stroke. Note that RP 11L gives approximate solutions api rp 11l the rod-design problembecause of the many simplifying assumptions involved in its preparation.

API RP 11L – Design calculation for sucker rod pumping system – Free Download PDF Ebook

Users of this publication should become completely familiar with its scope and content. This Standard References Showing 2 of 2. When referring to Figures 4.

The services of Midwest Research Institute at Kansas City were retained to perform the work necessary to achieve api rp 11l objectives of the organization. One note of caution in using the new design technique should be pointed out. The location of changes has been marked with a bar in the margin. For ap last 25 years, this method api rp 11l been thestandard for the design of sucker-rod pumping systems. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Unusualconwill cause deviaditions not fitting the assumptions tionsfromcalculatedperformance.


However, use of thewaveequation introducesanewmathematicaldifficulty,inthat are inherentlymore partialdifferentialequations difficultto solve.

In a group of users api rp 11l manufacturers of sucker rod pumping equipment undertook a study in depth of the many complex problems associated with this means of lifting fluid from a well. Use the value of from Eq. All API stroke lengths aile covered. Also, the effect of the rod coupling can cause an apparent increase in density resulting in a decrease in propagation velocity.

To control and direct the effort, Sucker Rod Pumping Research, Incorporated, a non-profit organization was created. Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: One program api rp 11l tabular material calculated for depths of ft to 12, ft in increments of ft and for production rates of barrels per day to over barrels per day in varying increments. If the pump displacement calknown or anticiculated in step 14 fails to satisfy patedrequirements,appropriateadjustmentsmust be made in api rp 11l assumed data and steps 1 through 14 repeated.

Excessivesandproduction, Excessive gas productionthroughthe and cl. Slanted or crookedholes, b. Speed up research, capture and reuse expertise For additional product information, visit the IHS Standards Expert page.