Actix for LTE. 1. Analyzer LTE March Training Course; 2. Analyzer LTE Training 2 The content of this manual is provided for information. Rent, lease or buy the Desktop Post-Processing Software (Actix Analyzer) from Livingston. Analyzer is a desktop solution for expert drive test post-processing, . Post Processing the Field data/Logs Out Lines * Part Customize Actix to map” without map area limitation s >Opening Log File in Actix Open Actix Analyzer.

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Select the setting as you want, better is location as below settings. The industry leading desktop solution, Wnalyser provides advanced drive test survey analytics.

Signal Quality of each cell by EcNo 4. Generates KPI reports to evaluate the readiness of the in-building network ahead of launch.

Actix Analyzer Drive Test Analytics

The ability to define and measure a rich set of KPIs is essential to acceptance reporting. Enables validation znalyser the indoor network and its interaction with the macro network. Remember me on this computer. Out of the box performance reports: Signal Quality of entire cluster.

In use at over operators, including 25 of the top 30, Analyzer supports 2G, 3G and now LTE rollouts with flexible and powerful drive survey analytics.

Voice Call statistics 9. Geo-references RF measurements and events and visualizes venue layout. Then EcNo will appear in the map atcix shown here at below. Analyzer enables operators to quickly create validation and acceptance reports that establish the coverage, quality and capacity achieved during rollout.


Which is shown in next page. Highly responsive technical support and product maintenance services come as standard with Analyzer. Using Analysis Manager we can Manage the Log processing according to the requirements of the report for both binning data, cross Tab data, for Filtering, managing repository etc. Automated troubleshooting Analyzer is the most reliable and trusted tool on the market for helping operators troubleshoot xnalyser.

Also there is another options if you right click on specific Layer like changing the size of sample by clicking attribute anaylser. Video call statistics etc….

Defines and measures any KPI. In that case we have use Network image to get the large amount of data into Actix for post processing. Coverage distribution by SC plots by scanner data. Help Center Find new research papers in: Flexible query and visualization options enable the creation of maps from any attribute collected in the drive data. You can now take screen shot and paste it into your excel or word format report. Customer support Highly responsive technical support and product maintenance services come as standard with Analyzer.

Actix – Analyzer

There is some existing Queries and filters as well, you can use those or edit or copy for creating new queries xctix can be used in analysis classic or network image or repository. It will look like below picture analyeer right side. Then PSC will appear in the map as shown here at below.


Here we choose no filter because we prepared queries according to our report format and MS configuration already. After Open the Log files complete: Skip to main content.

Analyzer normalizes this data so engineers see a consistent set of data across different acyix sources. Signal strength of each sector by RSCP 3. Cross connection by SC plots in Idle mode. Drive Test Analytics Availability: Analyzer supports all drive test equipment available. Engineers can quickly create report templates that can be shared with their colleagues.

Actix Analyzer – Livingston

The purpose of using Network Image of Actix is for post processing a huge size of Log file specially for big cluster or city or country wise data. We also select this because we have 2 MS in our log file by which we are going to prepare report.

Click here to sign up. Ease of use Analyzer provides advanced visualization of performance data through synchronized maps, charts, graphs and tables. This unrivalled capability allows our customers to use a variety of logging equipment.

Analyzer is the most reliable and trusted tool on the market for helping operators troubleshoot problems. Drive data and events can be plotted on maps, charts and tables, and all views are fully synchronized. Select Filters that you want or do not want.